SBS Code of Practice

The SBS Code of Practice (Code) sets out the principles and policies SBS uses to guide its content to ensure that SBS maintains the highest standards of editorial independence and integrity. It details SBS’s obligations regarding matters such as accuracy for factual content, impartiality and balance in our news and current affairs, scheduling of content, advertising and complaints handling.

In fulfilling its obligations under the Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991 (Cth), which includes the SBS Charter, SBS operates on the principles of Trust, Transparency and Respect. These principles define who we are, guide the creation of content across all our platforms, and are the standards by which we hold ourselves accountable. Through these principles, all Australians can be assured that SBS will deliver on its promise to audiences.

The SBS Code of Practice was updated on 4 April 2022 with some minor and consequential amendments.

How to obtain a copy of the SBS Code of Practice
The SBS Code of Practice 2021 (amended April 2022) is available to download as a PDF – click here

The SBS Code of Practice is also available for download in Arabic - click here (PDF), Simplified Chinese - click here (PDF), Hindi - click here (PDF), Korean – click here (PDF) and Vietnamese – click here (PDF)

Superceded version
SBS Code of Practice (1 July 2021) - click here (PDF)
SBS Codes of Practice 2014 (1 July 2019) - click here (PDF).

SBS Code of Practice Infographic

A copy of this summary infographic can be downloaded - click here (PDF). 

This summary infographic is also available in the following languages: